Welcome to Organic Uttarakhand Himalaya foods store. Here you can purchase food products which is 100% natural and healthy for you. These are tasty as well as some are used for making Ayurvedic medicine also. We are giving you opportunity to order Organic Uttarakhand food products by online and you will receive these in your doorstep. Here you can find recipes and remedy for our all available products.

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100% Naturaland Healthy

Why Uttarakhand foods is better than other?

Some of same product you can buy from your nearest shop also. But we are different from others because:

  • Our products yield only in high rises area of Uttarakhand (Himalaya).
  • Our products are natural because in Himalayan area we don’t use any chemical and pesticide for produce product. We use only natural compost.
  • Our dal and every products is different from other companies products in taste and quality because of Himalayan climate.

So try our product one time at least. You will like this 100%. Otherwise we will give you full refund without any question.





PAHARI FRUITS (Available in Selected Location)


Uttarakhand Sweets

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